Cooking a Whole Chicken

whole-chickenI didn’t realize until recently how easy it was to cook a chicken and you know the best part ?    =-) You can make homemade chicken broth while doing it! That’s like killing two birds with one stone! Heheheh (I know bad joke!)  Maybe I should already know how to do this and I’m just really behind the power curve, but I thought I’d share with others in case you’re like me!

*Money Saving Tip* First off, buy a whole fryer chicken when it goes on sale. Cook it or freeze until you need it!

When you are ready to cook, make sure it is thawed out.  You will cook with the skin on.

1. Take out of package while it’s sitting in your sink. Pull out “insides”, either set aside to use in a giblet gravy or discard.  Cut off tail and discard. Rinse it well (inside and out).

2. Put in a BIG pot and season with salt, pepper, 2 tsp minced garlic, dashes of oregano, and basil.  Fill with water but not to the point it will over boil.

Shredded-chicken3. Boil the chicken until it “falls apart.” This can take up to a couple of hours depending on size of chicken.

4. Carefully take out chicken and de-bone it (should be easy as it will “fall off the bone.” Discard bones and skin. Chicken is now ready to use, or freeze for later.

5. The broth that was made from boiling the chicken can be used immediately or put in a air-tight container and frozen.broth

This is both healthy and economical! You are making your chicken and broth from scratch – no additives or chemicals you can’t pronounce! It’s economical because you are cooking your chicken and making broth at the same time! We have used part of the cooked chicken to make Taquitos, as well as a making mixing it in with cornbread stuffing for Thanksgiving. The possibilities are endless!


Rice Krispie Treats

Only 4 ingredients!!!!

Only 4 ingredients!!!!

Don’t you just LOVE Rice Krispies? They are just a gooey yummy mess! Did you know that they are SUPER easy to make? YUP!

What You Need:

1/4 cup of butter

1 (10 oz) package regular size marshmallows

5 cups Rice Krispies


Peanut Butter – 1/4 cup – stir into marshmallow mixture BEFORE adding Rice Krispies

Chocolate Chip – 6 oz – stir in after Rice Krispies have been added.

Coco – Substitute Coco Krispies for Regular Krispies

1.  Melt Butter in Large pot over low heat. While that’s melting take additional butter and lightly run it across the pan you’ll be pouring them into. (9×13 for thinner ones/smaller pan for thicker ones) .

FullSizeRender_12. Once butter is melted, stir in marshmallows. Stir well until marshmallows are melted.

3.  Add Cereal and stir until it is all mixed together.

4. Pour into pre-buttered pan and using a spatula (coat in butter so it won’t stick – I use a metal spatula) spread out and press down until even across pan.

Our favorite way to make these are with Peanut Butter. Try using Coco Krispies AND Peanut Butter – It will blow your mind and taste buds!!! =-)


EAT ME!!!!

Homemade Seasoning Mixes

There are so many recipes out there that call for various different store bought seasoning packets. Have you seen what they put in those things??? Not to mention the sodium content in them!! I set out on a mission to change from using store bought packets to making my own. I searched around on Pinterest and other websites for the ones we use the most. As with any recipe, there are always different variations so after comparing a few I settled on the recipe I liked for each mix and tested them out. They have all turned out great and in some recipes, my family said some tasted better with the homemade seasoning!!!
My goal is to continue updating and adding to this post as I try more seasoning mixes. Here are the links to the ones that I have tried and liked so far.

Taco Seasoning – This is a bulk recipe that will last between 4-6 months.

Fajita Seasoning – This recipe only lasted me about 2 meals however, it would be a good one to test out to see if you like the mix.

Bulk Fajita Seasoning – I took the above recipe and tripled the ingredients so it would last much longer.

Ranch Seasoning – There are two different versions of this recipe. A smaller batch and a bulk batch. This link will take you to the smaller one…..from there you can find the bulk version if you want to make that one.

Italian Seasoning – I’ve used these mix in several recipes. Really good!

Lipton Onion Soup Seasoning –  I mix these up in Ziploc snack size bags and label them. This recipe is the equivalent to 1 Lipton Onion Soup Mix.