Taco Soup

This is probably my favorite thing to eat (PERIOD!). Seriously when asked what I want for my “birthday dinner” I usually request Taco Soup! One good thing about this recipe is that it makes a TON! I use the biggest pot I have for and it is usually filled to the top. After cooked, I pour this into several bowls and jars of different sizes. I refrigerate what we want to eat for a few days and the rest, I label and freeze. You can take a bowl/jar out in the morning and it will be thawed out in time to heat up for super that night!

What You Need:

2 lbs of ground chuck (can substitute ground turkey or a mix of beef & turkey)

2-3 onions (diced)

2 cans pinto beans (no salt or low sodium)

2 cans ranch style beans

2 cans corn (we use a 16oz bag of frozen corn – less preservatives & sodium)

2 cans rotel

3 cans stewed tomatoes (no salt added)

2 large cans tomato sauce (no salt added)

3 packages of taco seasoning (or use your homemade taco seasoning – click here for the recipe)

3 packages of ranch dressing mix

1 med size jar of mild picante sauce

1 can of water

Optional Ingredients for Toppings: Fritos (our favorite), shredded cheese, sour cream, tortillas

Brown meat and onions together; drain well.

Meanwhile in a LARGE pot, add ingredients and once meat is drained add it as well. I usually let it simmer for 30 mins or so to let everything “marry” together.

A few notes:

~ If using homemade taco seasoning or ranch dressing mix start with 3 TBSP – then after it simmers, taste the soup. If it’s not spicy enough add more. If it’s too spicy add water. Always remember you can add more spices but you can’t take them out!!

~ If the soup seems to thick, add a little water until it’s at the desired consistency.

~ To divide the soup -get a bunch of bowls and/or jars and fill them with soup. For the ones going into the freezer make sure to leave room at the tops of the bowls/jar for the soup to expand while it’s freezing. I usually dish all the bowls/jars up and then set my timer for 30 mins to allow them time to cool off. Once they have cooled, they are ready to store in the fridge or freezer.

This is such a great recipe and one that is loved by my family. I hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!



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