Bread Machine Pizza Dough

pizza 1Our little girl loves to help me make homemade pizzas.  There is something so fun about adding topping and sneaking bites of shredded cheese while you are decorating the top! I hate buying canned dough – they have so many additives and tons of sodium. We’ve really tried to cut out canned dough because of that. I set out to find an easy pizza dough recipe and I came across one that you make using your Bread Machine!!! A Bread Machine is like a crockpot – you add the ingredients and it does the work for you!

I did not change any of the ingredients, so I’m simply linking you to the recipe. Click here!  My setting took about 90 minutes so I turned it on before going to run an errand and we got back about 30 minutes after it turned off which allowed it time to rest. I took it out and started making it into a pizza shape and then we added our toppings and baked it. We like to brush on melted butter, garlic powder, and parsley about 1/2 way through the baking process. It makes the edges crunchy and gives it a bit more flavor.




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