REAL Cheese Dip

photo 2 (2)We are huge fans of Rotel/Cheese Dip in our house. However, every time I would have to buy that block of fake cheese I would cringe and think there’s got to be a better way! Surely there is a way to make it from scratch! So to Pinterest I went. I tried two different recipes. The second one was spot on with a few modifications. Go here for the original recipe.

What you need:

1 (8oz) block of cream cheese (room temp)

1 cup + 1 small handful shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup mild salsa (you can use store bought or homemade) (take out of fridge when you take out the cream cheese)

3/4 of a small onion chopped.

1/4 lb of ground meat (or you can substitute for 1 {15 oz} can of processed chili.)

2 tsp minced garlic

3/4 tsp chili powder

A few dashes of: curry powder, ground cumin, cilantro, dried chives (You can always ADD more spices but you can’t take them back out once you add them….so add a little at a time.)

Fritos Scoops are what we like the best with this!

Stove Top Method: Brown meat and onions together (DRAIN).  Spray non-stick spray in sauce pan. Cut cream cheese in chunks and add to pan.  Add shredded cheese and salsa and let it start melting together. Add the rest of the ingredients. Continue stirring until all cheese is melted.  Taste and add additional spices if needed.

CROCKPOT METHOD:  If you are using ground meat, go ahead and sauté it and the onions before adding to the crock pot (Don’t forget to drain it!). Turn on low for 3-4 hours.  Give it a stir every now and then. Taste to make sure it has the right amount of spices  before serving. If not, add more.


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